In Sickness and in Health
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This is a podcast about health and social justice.
Health is wealth.
Some of us have it, some don’t.
Some of us will live long and healthy lives… and some won’t.
But why me and not them? Why them and not me?
We bring you those stories...


Our Host

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In Sickness and in Health is produced and hosted by Dr. Celine Gounder.

Dr. Gounder is a doctor, a disease detective and a storyteller. When she’s not battling HIV, tuberculosis or Ebola in sub-Saharan Africa or caring for patients in some of the most underserved areas in the U. S., she’s at home in NYC.

And she's one of People Magazine's 25 Women Changing the World in 2017! Watch her interview with People TV here (jump to 39:45) or here.



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S1: Youth & Mental Health

Episode 1: How do we communicate responsibly about depression and suicide without fueling contagion? I talk to students at Columbia University, which was rocked by at least five suicides this past school year, and to experts on suicide prevention. SoundCloud  iTunes  RadioTuneIn  GooglePlay  Stitcher

Episode 2: Why are LGBTQ youth at such high risk of depression, anxiety and suicide? I speak with the father of a transgender teen and a pediatric endocrinologist who specializes in adolescent trans care. SoundCloud  iTunes  RadioTuneIn  GooglePlay  Stitcher

Episode 3: How do new stressors contribute to the risk of suicide among young people? I talk to a mom whose son was one of a cluster of students to die by suicide at his high school, two teenage girls who’ve had suicidal ideation and are now doing what they can to help others, and a Stanford professor who studies adolescent stress. SoundCloud  iTunes  RadioTuneIn  GooglePlay  Stitcher

Episode 4: How can social media, texting and big data be used to improve mental health and prevent suicide? And what can colleges and universities do to help their students? SoundCloud  iTunes  RadioTuneIn  GooglePlay  Stitcher

Episode 5: Can movies and shows like “13 Reasons Why” raise awareness about mental health and help those at risk for suicide? I interview the directors of the cult classic “Heathers” and of "Listen," the star of IFC’s “Neurotica” and founder of Project UROK, and a suicide prevention expert. SoundCloud  iTunes  RadioTuneIn  GooglePlay  Stitcher


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Two more miniseries are in the works… stay tuned!

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